What happened after mediation?

What happened after mediation?

I have attended a mediation with a company I'm suing for for the death of a family member. We reached an agreement amount of compensation. So what is the process next? and how long will it takes to get the money pay out to me and my kids?

Nathan’s Answer

I do not practice in Texas and would ask that you consult with a Texas attorney to review your case if you so feel inclined. However, I can say as a California licensed attorney and mediator, that typically, mediation agreements should address how payouts of settlements are to proceed.

Some agreements may have payments made out in a lump sum, while other agreements may have settlement payments made out in installments. Some mediations are actually split so that the figure is negotiated and agreed to, with another mediation then following to arrange for how the payment should be made.

If you feel that the mediation agreement you may have reached does not address the issue of when and how you'll be paid adequately, you may want to speak with an attorney to find out what can be done. Additionally, I would review the mediation agreement, if one was made, for confidentiality agreements you may have signed on, to determine if you should only speak with an attorney, or the other side that was at the mediation to decipher when you will be paid, if this was not adequately fleshed out in the mediation agreement.


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