Treatment I never got

A dentist is charging me for treatment I never got, what can I do?

i got a free consultation from a dentist for orthodontic treatment, and was scheduled to go back to get the treatment but cancelled the appointment. I then got a bill in the mail from them for $500 including a late down payment and a late first months payment. I called and told them this isn't correct, I never got any treatment from them. They proceeded to say they can't do anything & they want their money and proceeded to ask for my work phone number, my email and a lot of personal information. I just hung up and I'm at a loss of what to do. I don't want any of this mess or anything going on my credit that I haven't paid for something that I never recieved!

Nathan’s Answer

It would be wise to ask for a copy of any paperwork they have that suggests you agreed to pay for services not given. If they cannot produce that, and are still coming after you, you may want to give an attorney a call.

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