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What should I do after I get served a notice for an administrative hearing by the state attorney general's office?

We've been in business for more than a decade and have renewed our approval status several times. However, last year, our School was denied "Application for Renewal of Approval" to operate our small post secondary institution. Few days ago, we were served a notice for an administrative hearing, and asked to respond within 30 days. We were wondering if we can get an experienced administrative attorney that can take our case and help us in this matter. This is not a criminal case nor a complaint from from a student or a community member. It seems that there were some oversights and policy violation issues by our School. We need a lawyer that might be interested in helping us.

Nathan’s Answer

While this is not a criminal case nor a particularized complaint by complainant, oversights and policy violations can be used to deny and affirm the denial for Renewal of Approval. It would behoove the stakeholders to consult with at least 3 administrative attorneys to get an idea of how such a matter can play out, and how best to prepare.

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