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In California can license security guards who work as bouncers at bar/ night club carry batons or pepper spray?

In California can license security be equipped with batons or pepper spray. I work security for a bar and am license and I can't find anything on state law if bouncers can have pepper or batons

Nathan’s Answer

Private patrol security companies can be contracted by a bar, and the guards provided can under authority of their licensing board, carry and use certain chemical and impact weapons. However, security guards hired directly by the bar, can create huge liabilities for the bar if excessive force is used. So instead of the bar being sued, with the bar then suing the private patrol security company, a bouncer who is hired directly by the bar causes a situation where the bar is ultimately liable. As a result, bars are keen on allowing direct hires to use weaponry which may cause huge civil liabilities, along with criminal liabilities as well. Thus, it may be more a matter of economics rather than just purely law, that controls how and/or why a direct hire bouncer can be armed.

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