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New LLC for Pharmaceutical Distribution- Diabetic Strip (One Touch Ultra both DME and Retail)

I am opening Pharmaceutical distribution LLC soon. I do have buyer ready for one touch ultra strips both DME and Retail. Even I know from where I have to purchase. Based on my calculation, I can go for this trading with this margin. I am going to see a business lawyer next week. But I am sure FDA paper work will take sometime.

Que:1 Can I release Purchase order for Diabetic Strips ( One Touch Ultra) without FDA paper work get done?

Que:2 Does FDA play any other roll for Surgical supplies, Blood Pressure machines, Diabetic Strips ( Contour, Free Style, True test etc), Nebulizer)

Que:3 Can I open LLC under my SSN? (I am on H1B Visa)

Que:4 If my purchase state and selling states are different, then do I have to get permission FDA permit for both States

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Nathan’s Answer

Your questions are well beyond the scope of free general opining by attorneys. My suggestion would be to contact a qualified healthcare or business lawyer and discuss your case in more detail. You have spent this much time and money setting up for success - it would be appropriate to finalize operation launch with the assistance of counsel. You are dealing with many regulations in multiple areas of law.

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