Revoked LVN license

What is the difference between having a revoked LVN license and having it surrendered?

I have to renew my license soon and after pleading guilty to a 1516, I have the anticipation of either getting my license revoked/surrendered. I would like to know the difference and outcome of each one. If it is surrendered does that mean you have consent to surrender it? (As there is "voluntary surrender" and just "surrender") is it possible to reinstate after surrendering? Also, what poses them to choose in revoking or surrendering your license?

Nathan’s Answer

It is unclear what you have plead guilty to, but the licensing boards may choose to open an accusation against your license for either the conviction or the facts underlying it. If you default, by not negotiating or going to hearing, your license will be revoked. You may request it be surrendered but the licensing board may want to go through with the dog and pony show in order to have a record against your license. If you lose your license by revocation, under certain circumstances, you may be able to reinstate your license, but this will usually require a new hearing at considerable cost to you, if it is to be done properly with attorney representation. It is probably better to attempt to defend your license now.

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