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Warehouse Landlords Exit Mediator Harrasing me.

Our lease extension on a warehouse has expired on Sept 30th. We are currently still looking for a new warehouse but they want us to exit out on the 6th. They sent a notice about a month ago but have been very busy on business trips the past few months. Told them I will need until the end of the month to be able to get out. We have high racks setup and its not easy to get the right fit warehouse. Forcing us to an option that will make us move twice and spend a lot of money. Warehouse is in escrow and might fall off because we are still here. Theyve been trying to sell it to us before but we were not able to decide yet because of trips and new business developments. Whats the legal way to make sure they dont do something that my business suffers?

Nathan’s Answer

If an unlawful detainer is filed against you, if service was improper, or if the complaint is defective in a material way, you may file motions before filing the answer that would assist you in obtaining more time. It may be in your best interest to work something out with the landlord, since a win-win situation is ideal. It sounds like you genuinely might be interested in buying and this desire, reflected in negotiation with the landlord, might be enough to forestall eviction proceedings.

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