Professional ethics

My application for FDR that a law firm I paid for to handle the process was returned to me as incomplete. Is this a breach?

After 28 years as a letter carrier for the USPS I found myself in a situation where I needed to apply for Federal

Disability Retirement. I decided to use a Law Firm that specializes Iin this procedure to handle

my application to ensure that all the needed information and documentation was submitted correctly. I provided them with all my medical records and visited a Doctor they recommended as well. I have already paid in full (over $4.000) for their handling of my application process. Last week the OPM sent me a letter that had to be forwarded from my old address stating that my application was incomplete. I mailed them the letter and the included check list of the missing info/doc. that was needed. They have not responded to my e-mails or voice messages since. I am very nervous.

Nathan’s Answer

What was the fee agreement with the law firm for? The responsibility of the law firm to complete any incomplete application depends entirely on what was agreed to.

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