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Can you be chg additional court an assesment fees after the judge has made a ruleing on them already with no extension

The judge told to wait and he would postpone entering my plea so that fines and assesment fees would be significatly reduced if i get my D.L. Reinstated by the court that originally suspended it, along with agreeing to 12 mo summary probation The amounts due would be significantly reduced. I did n was told twice approx 200.00. Then inquired recpt of funds n told i owed an additional 629.00 by the clerks office and had 3 business days to pay? After spending the hole day at court accomplishing nothing my case file couldnt be found. I was the last to be seen and was asked to come back already losing a hole days wages. It says they were inadvertently not charged and added on.

Nathan’s Answer

Preparation is important in a matter such as this so you are not hit with surprises that end up costing you a whole day's wage. By that I mean it would be a good idea to call the clerk's office before any appearance to ask what is needed, and what can be expected. Ultimately, saving some money to hire an attorney who can clear up this mess may end up saving you more money than you lose due to court error.

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