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Not long ago I posted my question herein and got some opinions, and now the problem remains unsolved, so I need extra comments.

My mom hired an Oklahoma lawyer to handle a Fosamax side effect case. We did not like the outcome made by that attorney, so we selected some Ca. lawyer interested in taking this case. But that Ok lawyer has been holding the medical records not to transfer to us. I posted my concern here and got some advice from you, one is to inquire the OK Bar assoc.. I called them and got an answer that the OK lawyer should not hold the medical records as hostage. I was advised to mail them a complaint form. I did and I received a reply saying that OK lawyer sent letter to address my concern, so the Ok Bar Assoc. has concluded this matter will not be forwarded for formal investigation and they will take no action at this time. And that lawyer still holds the medical records .What can I do now? Thanks

Nathan’s Answer

Have you asked the California lawyer to ask the Oklahoma lawyer for the records?

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