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I hired a lawyer to file a lawsuit for us and we paid him the balance of what we agreed and the filing fees. he never filed.

my family paid the attorney the agreed amount to do the work for the lawsuit and the filing fee for the lawsuit in December 2013. We tried contacting him about the lawsuit and finally got a hold of the lawyer only after we threatened to file a complaint to the state bar to his receptionist. Now we are having trouble getting the lawyer to give us back the money we paid him including the filing fee because he says he doesn't have it. Is there anything we can do to get the money we paid him back? we are especially upset because we paid him money specifically to file and he obviously used it for something other than its intended purpose.

Nathan’s Answer

You can contact the State Bar to initiate a complaint. You can also hire counsel to negotiate and try to obtain your monies back from this lawyer in a settlement that compensates you for any damages you may have suffered in lieu of this lawyer's failure to follow through on their obligations.

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