Professional ethics

In court hearing, if the lawyer speaks something not correct, how may client do?

Does client have right to speak up right there or have to get his attorney's attn then correct via him? Obviously we try our best to prep our atty as best as we can in advance. But sometimes due to case complexity or lack of time/dedication of atty, it is necessary to correct on the fly. BTW, if clients may speak after proper excusing, how many times are kind OK? Clients have the facts. Indirect relay by atty may not do justice.

Nathan’s Answer

Depending on the hearing, some attorneys allow client to speak briefly to correct any misconceptions or hazy areas the attorney may have. However, this is remarkably dangerous since anything not discussed prior to the representation can have client saying things that impinge upon their case. The "draw a box" method is sound as is requesting the attorney to ask for a moment to confer with client. There is a court reporter and a judge's patience may be wanting. You ideally want to prepare a game plan with your attorney prior into going into the courtroom.

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