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I am seeking conserve for my Father. My brother has contested it based upon her stealing his money and attempting to deflect. The PVP has completely sided with him and won't even speak with me. I feel he is bordering on Legal Malpractice. Whom do I report him to. I want a new PVP, one that will look at the facts and not fiction from my brother. He now wants to get an Elder TRO against me!!! I took ZERO. We are in court next week. What can I do? Address this to the judge? I've spoken with an atty but he is mild mannered and doesn't want to take on the PVP. HELP!!!

Nathan’s Answer

A PVP is required by law to act in the best interest of the convservatee. You may attempt to file a motion for an accounting by PVP but you will likely need probate counsel for that. Also, on what grounds are you looking at an elder TRO? You can find many probate attorneys on Avvo.

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