Professional ethics

Will the Ca State Bar and/or the Ca Dept of Insurance take me serious with my complaint against the lawyers in two lawsuits?

Please assume the following. The written/depositions proof would include nine extensive different sets of discovery with each including request for admission, special interrogatories, general interrogatories and production of documents against three defendants. I did two depositions and a motion to compel further responses. I believe criminal activities of the type of suppressing of evidence, perjury, deceit and collusion and a host of other provable violations of discovery and violations under the state bar code of ethics among the lawyers. This forced me to settle the lawsuit prematurely. I have submitted a complaint to the BRE against the management company. The BRE investigator recommended I contact the District Attorney immediately. 2 of 4 attorneys were Farmers Ins' attorney.

Nathan’s Answer

Licensing agencies will review complaints generated in anticipation of, or during civil litigation just as seriously as cases that are settled or without litigation.

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