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Threatening emails from disbarred attorney I filed complaint against

2 years ago I filed a complaint against a CA attorney I hired to handled a civil matter. Shortly thereafter I began receiving emails from a LinkedIn account associated with the attorney inviting me to join his professional network. According to LinkedIn, he works for a company in Texas that has an office 15 miles from parent's house and 5 miles from my grandmother's house. According to a Google+ account associated with him he lives in a community a few miles from the company office. The emails arrive within a month or so after I contact the CA Bar Association and/or they take action related to my complaint. A letter sent to the CA Bar Association informing them of this & expressing my concerns has gone unanswered. What are my options?

Nathan’s Answer

LinkedIn has a "block" feature under "Privacy and Settings." I recommend you "block" this attorney so that you no longer receive any emails or views from their account.

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