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Workers Comp -Major Health Care Provider Says They Control My Health Care For Injury On Their Property And I Don't Work For Them

I am employed in an office job of a major contractor building a new hospital. I was injured (whiplash, back injury, leg injury) in a fall in a hole in a workplace parking lot at the job site. The owner's of the new hospital said that because my injury occurred on their property they get to control my medical care/treatment through their Workers' Compensation program and I can't go through my own health care provider. I never received a Physician Designation Form from them and I never legally agreed to this. I am dissatisfied with the lack of care they have given me for my injuries, the mistakes, not advocating for me properly. How can I see my own doctor for medical care?

Nathan’s Answer

You should speak with your employer! It is interesting the owner of the new hospital intercepted.

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