Negligence and personal injury

No attempt to retrieve catheter that is now lodged in my heart. Does this sound like hospital protocol or negligence?

A nurse removed my IV before my release from 5 days in ICU. Most of the flexible tip was missing. I returned to ER the next day, arm swollen and in pain. Two US tests confirmed presence of a thrombus and probable catheter in a vein near IV site. A vascular surgeon was called to surgically remove both. He told me I'd be awake as he preferred to use a local for such a small incision. Once in the OR, I went right to sleep and woke up with a different Dr. telling me he got the thrombus but there was no catheter to get. Subsequent tests show a catheter shaped object lodged in my right atrium, ischemia and a LV EF as low as 39%. Should I be talking to a lawyer?

Nathan’s Answer

It sounds like you keep being victimized by negligent or careless behavior. I am not sure what is going on but you should speak with counsel to assess your case carefully. I sincerely wish you a speedy recovery considering your layered issues.

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