My child was placed on a 72 hr hold

My child was placed on a 72 hr hold now the dr wants to place a 14 day hold

my child was placed on a 72 hr mental hold. today the hold expires at 7:10 now the dr says he is puttin a 14 day hold when i said i wanted to sign her out. he stated he is unsure if shes a threat, i ask how he asses this when he spends less than 5 min talking to her and only twice in the three days shes been here. he said he only prescribes,the how can he place a hold? they drew her blood without my conscent, i have signed no papers here at all.he wont let me see her medical records to show me why he thinks she "maybe" a threat to herself.hey have never called me to discuss her treatment plan except one call asking to give her prozak i declined and one to set up a family cpunseling. but no one about her treatment plan. they refused to let me sign her out ama

Nathan’s Answer

A child may be detained beyond the 72 hour psychiatric hold for 14 days if there is a finding that the child requires intensive treatment - there is a certification review hearing by the 4th day where the child is allowed the option of representation by a patients' right advocate or attorney. There can be additional 14 day holds after the first 14 days for suicidal behavior, and 180 day hold if the child is determined to be a danger to others. If you remain concerned, you should contact an attorney who focuses on this for further guidance.

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