Medical malpractice

Am I legally bound to pay hospital bills pertaining to an ambulance ride when the ride was refused?

My friend, who was intoxicated below .06, was punched in the face at an event by an unknown assailant. He was dizzy afterwards, and had been drinking, so the medics at the event escorted us to the medical station. They asked he get in an ambulance to perform an examination. I heard him say "I am not riding in this. I don't want an ambulance," and we were both assured he would not have to go. I was then asked if I would ride with him, and I said "we don't want an ambulance, he said that." I was told he had "asked for drugs" (which he later told me he hadn't, and seems like a weird thing for a medic to say) and we had to go. They closed the door and that was it. The whole experience was very confusing and he had no serious injuries.

Nathan’s Answer

Did you sign anything at the medical station or ambulance? Did you tender any billing information? Did anyone step in to the ambulance to perform an examination? Does the bill, if any, explain whether it is for treatment, or for transport?

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