Medical malpractice

Revised topic about being diagnosed with a mental/physical disability.

Wrongfuly diagnosed with a disorder called paranoid schizofrantic. October 27,2014 i checked myself in at UC Davis for a Doctor's opinion on how they thought i was doing mentally. They had me in certain part of the e.r. but switched me to the psychatric area in room c1 that morning on a 51/50 hold. I was given Zyprexa 11/7/2014 around 10:00 am. But prior to that i was aloud things your not supposed to give someone diagnosed with a psychotic disease, for example, a iv placed in arm for 12 days, dvd/vhs player, phone with cord, t.v., plastic fork and knife, well the knife was always, about 2 or 3 times for the fork. But to finish, Zyprexa is what put me in a wheelchair. Around 4pm i was picked up by the paramedics and transferred to a psychiatric facility, Crestwood Psychatric Facility in Carmichael, C.a. i was there on a 51/50 hold for 3 days then put me on a "legal" 52/50 hold for about 7 days to research why UC Davis sent me there. then about another 7 days i stayed for a volunteering hold because they were working on finding a assistant living place for me to go to but didn't go with that plan because UC Davis Hospital sent to the wrong facility and should've sent me to a rehabilitation center when they realized i shouldn't of not been there like they said they would after 3 days of me being there.i wasn't trying to go back to go back to where i was cause i didn't feel safe there/here. But they discharged me so i didn't really have a choice. Left 11/19/2014 on Wednesday.

Nathan’s Answer

I wasn't sure I understood your question. Are you trying to determine if you can be compensated for damages for being wrongfully diagnosed and therefore, in a sense, falsely imprisoned?

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