Medical expenses

Is a parent liable for medical expenses of an adult child whom still lives with them but is significantly past the age of 18?

My wife has a brother whom in my opinion is legally crazy or at the very least a harm to himself and others. He has expressed his desire to " murder " me. If I broke a couple of bones so he'll learn not to mess around with me would his mother be responsible for his medical bills

The brother is 24 but lives with his mother.


Nathan’s Answer

You would likely be held criminally and civilly liable, meaning that you would be responsible for the damages you incurred upon another. If one has expressed their unconditional desire to murder you and has taken any step toward that action, you should call the police as the state generally has a monopoly on force and its exercise. Taking the law into your own hands may give you momentary relief but only means the law will also be applied against you for any unlawful acts you take after assessing whether your actions were truly in self-defense.

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