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How can I tell my attorney if I want to change an attorney?

My attorney is a bit too slow and seems to be not informative on my case. For example never keep me updated on the process/his strategy, present the opposite's evidence/materials to me and a bit drag time. Do I have right to change an attorney before the next hearing? How can I tell my attorney if I want to change another attorney to represent me without making him feel bad? Is there any consequences of changing attorney between 2 hearings?

Nathan’s Answer

It is important for both attorneys and clients to be communicative with each other at a tempo that suits them both. Generally, one of the obligations of an attorney is to update the client and one of the obligations a client has is to be truthful with attorney.

It is never a bad idea to field your concerns to the attorney directly. Speak with them directly and find out what is going on on your case. If they cannot allay your fears or anxieties, perhaps you can simply advise the attorney that they are not a perfect fit. ON the other hand, the attorney may be receptive to your concerns, and do their best to provide representation to your satisfaction.

Do keep in mind that what you perceive as slow may simply be the attorney doing his job, but things like the natural course of litigation or negotiation winding their way through. It never hurts to ask specifically where your case is, and what the next steps are.

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