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Medical bill judgment ordered.

I went to the ER 3 years ago and was given a reasonable estimate for my (non-insured) care. I later received a bill for 3 times this amount. I was working with the county to see about getting assistance, as I am low income (yes I work and was not looking for a hand out). 9 months later the county advised me that though I was originally approved, my reason for care would not be covered and therefor was denied. In the mean time the bills went to collections. They recently got a judgment against me to which is now 4 times the amount of the original bill. I attempted to work with them early on but they would not accept my payment offer. Now they are stating that I must pay up or they will take the money. No funds, no attorney, turned away from every direction and desperate for assistance.

Nathan’s Answer

Hospitals usually have the ability to supply grants, installment payments or other financial assistance to individuals who can't afford their bills. It may be wise to contact the hospital billing department in a congenial tone to request assistance by explaining your situation and waiting to see what kind of evidence the billing department will need to be able to accommodate you. Otherwise, you would have to obtain counsel to set aside the judgment assuming you were not able to appear against the lawsuit to defend it appropriately.

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