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Can medical licensing boards see sealed juvenile records? If so, what level of detail can they see?

I had 2 juvenile cases sealed in California but it just came to my attention that medical licensing boards want one to be forthright in these matters even it the record was sealed. The Orange County Superior Court says that juvenile records will be destroyed 5 years after sealing. So are these records still available to certain agencies even after they are destroyed? Also, if I apply for a license in a state that doesn't have a juvenile record sealing process, am I protected under CA law in this matter even if I'm applying out of state? How does it work at the federal level, I'm so confused : (

Nathan’s Answer

If a question explicitly tells you it is okay to exclude juvenile sealed records, it would make sense not to list those cases, but you would still want to communicate with an administrative lawyer first because there might be spillover from the facts that lead to that sealed record, to other matters in your life, that if not addressed, might be construed as lack of candor (the kiss of death).

It is imperative you read the call of the question carefully whether you are reviewing an applicant admission form, DEA registration application, credentialing and privileging (down the road) and so on. Some questions are construed broadly, some narrowly, with some applications telling you to NOT list sealed juvenile records. In order to be sure, contact an attorney who practices administrative law who can review the application with you in order to provide an opinion as to the best approach.

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