Visa EB-5/Deffered Action

Im 17 and im in the usa IlligalI been here since i was 3 so i been here for now 15 years i was not detained by Immigration when i came here i have no criminal recored. Ok i have a friend who was telling me about EB-5 his dad is a wealthyman he made his millions Running his Business and wants me to work in his Company when his sun takes over so he said that he would give the proper Capital that i need in order to Invest as a Gift. He is almost like my second father i known my friend since i was 10 and his family thats way he is willing to do that for me. My question is can i do it i will also consider Deffered Action

Nathan’s Answer

Talk to a local experienced immigration attorney to see if you even quality for DACA to begin with. The requirements are very strict as to time, criminal background, etc.

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