I reported a RN for substance abuse

I reported a RN for substance abuse to the Board of Registered Nursing 2 years ago. I am a witness for the BRN.

The respondent requested a hearing and has his own attorney. Should I.get an attorney since I am a witness for the board of registered nursing?

Nathan’s Answer

If you are concerned about being implicated in any way, it would be advisable to obtain your own counsel. Your counsel would assess your case and assist you in identifying areas you may decide to plead the 5th on. This is because you will be cross examined by the respondent's attorney in a manner that may produce a transcript with your responses on record - these responses can be used against you in other matters that may or may not be directly linked to this action. This should not discourage you if you are unlinked, and testifying truthfully against an RN for substance abuse.

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