I need to report to the board of nursing

Do I need to report to the board of nursing prior to my LVN license renewal, of a misdemeanor grand theft conviction ?

I am currently in pre-trial for a theft case regarding my previous employer ( I worked as a server in a restaurant ) . I just got a job as an LVN at a skilled nursing facility. I cannot express the amount of remorse I have for my past but that is besides the point. I know that upon renewal of my license next year I will have to report my conviction . But my question is , once I do get convicted , do I need to immediately report it to the board ? Or am I supposed to wait for when I renew my license. Also , if I do report it, will they immediately revoke my license and notify my employer ? Or will there be negotiating? So that I may continue practicing until I do get my license suspended .( and at that time I may leave my job honorably) I have not yet been convicted, but soon to be...

Nathan’s Answer

Administrative bodies can inquire into criminal proceedings even if you eventually do not end up being convicted, or plea bargain to a lesser charge. It is incumbent upon you to find administrative counsel that can represent you or work with a criminal defense attorney to ensure you are properly framing whatever is going on in your criminal matter before the administrative board gets a handle on it. Once the administrative board opens its own investigation, it may pursue its own hearing to determine whether you should be suspended or have your license revoked.

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