Hearing for accusations against me

In october i have a hearing for accusations against me. i was assaulted by a patient. if i loose my license can i sue the person

i thought it was illegal to assault an rn in an er. in 2013 i was assaulted and i made a police report. this october i have a hearing for accusations against me and it could cost me my license. can i sue the perpetrator or the hospital that fired me? a very beligerent pt came in via fd claiming he got hit by a car. out of the blue he chose to start messing with me in particular. yadda yadda yadda, he chedt bumps me, i push him off, he falls back and cracks his head open on the floor. doc ordered ct which was negative and stapled his head. the entire time he was a complete jerk to every one on staff. even the paramedics had called pd before they arrived at the er. so the family of this bully filed a complaint with the brn. now im the one facing conviction. can i sue him for lost wages?

Nathan’s Answer

Consumers typically enjoy broad immunity in reporting licensees to the respective Board or Bureau. It is incumbent on you to prepare against the investigation/hearing by the BRN. You can choose to sue the complainant if you or an attorney you consult believe there are viable causes of action. Also, theoretically, you can sue hospital for their failure to adequately make safe your work environment. You have mentioned in the past that security is noticeably slow when called. However, focus should be on protecting your livelihood. It would be wise to prepare for license defense.

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