Health Facilities Evaluator Nurse

I work as a Health Facilities Evaluator Nurse. We inspect health facilities to ensure compliance with Centers for Medicare

Services (CMS). CMS contracts the work to each State. California sub-contracted the position in LA to LA County. I worked in LA then transferred to Riverside. Can I keep senority since I have a federal, State, and LA County ID # and still represent CMS doing same job? No training was required, I started work immediately, but I'm being treated as a new employee.

Nathan’s Answer

HFEN's work as state employees, while helping enforce state and federal law. If someone in your position is seeking to carry over seniority credits, one must communicate with the personnel office of the new department in order to determine if seniority credit will carry over. This is important because if there is a layoff or reduction in force, a non-senior person may be let go first. There may even be collective bargaining agreement provisions that restrict how seniority is to be calculated. Please contact the personnel office as soon as possible.

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