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Pulled over for Carpool lane violation. Was driving on my country's driving license (am an H1B worker) and got a 12500 Misdemean

I have 2 violations on the same citation (carpool + unlicensed driver Misdemeanor). More concerned about the second one, obviously. Although i did not have it on me at the time, i am in the process of getting a CA driver's license and have a valid temporary driver's permit. What penalty am i looking at, worst case?

Nathan’s Answer

I think rather than focus on a worst case scenario, you should focus on what the best case scenario would be. It may be worth it to hire counsel to negotiate with the district attorney if you had or were even working towards a permit since if your 12500 is being charged as a misdemeanor, it may be dropped to an infraction. Also, when you are up for renewal, it would be important to be honest about whatever outcome occurs from this case if you are asked about it.

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