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I would like to sue a particular state.

I would like to sue the state of AK. I have been discriminated against since. I have been in the state. I was kicked out from a library for 30 days. For someone indirectly speaking at me. I responded and I was told to return in 30 days. I was kicked out from a barnes n nobles for sleeping. I was kicked off a store property for using an outside outlet jack. I was told someone saw me breaking into their car. Which was a pretense issue. I had mail that was not delivered to an address. For reasons the claim they do not deliver mail to addresses with unknown names.

Nathan’s Answer

Suing a state entity for discrimination will require that state actors discriminated against you. A library may or may not be a government entity that qualifies. Private entities such as retail bookstores can be sued in civil court if they have violated your rights but the burden is on you to prove they violated the law. Mail is usually a federal, not state issue, so you may want to contact the postal office to file a grievance or complaint.

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