File an SR1

My atty forgot to file an SR1 and now I have a big ding in my driving record for driving without a license- i had ins and lic.

I was involved in an accident on 1/30/13 and the police report clearly indicates it was not my fault - but my atty forgot to file an SR1 or SR22 i dont know which one but now it is affecting my driving record on another note, my atty has not settled my case and i would like to find a new atty to take over

my child was in the car and was transported to Cedars and him and i went to physical therapy for a few months

Nathan’s Answer

If you are asking for an attorney you may use the search box to look for attorneys in your area. It would be wise to call 3 or so and get an idea of how they would handle your case for you before signing anything to see who the best for you would be.

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