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I went to mediation on Feb.13th in we came to a settle so how long will it be before I recieve my check?

In N.O LA.

Nathan’s Answer

Generally, when a mediation settlement is achieved, a payment structure is devised. A payment may be made in one check, or it may be structured so that the respondent in the mediation agrees to pay on the, say, 15th of every month, with a 5 day grace period before the agreement is broken, and the respondent suffers default. If you have a copy of the agreement, I would review it. If not, call and see if the mediator can fax, email, or mail you a copy. If there was no written agreement, and during the mediation, payment dates were not specified, you may want to bring that up to the mediator, so that they can contact the other side, and conciliate a payment deadline, with your participation. Congratulations for mediating your issue!

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