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After my retail manager refused to give me hours for next week I filed a claim with the ethics hotline. What should I do next?

This has been ongoing since Wed. of last week. It's now Tuesday. I called the store multiple times every day since that Wed. and I never got a hold of her, nor was it communicated that she made any attempt to put me on the schedule. Finally another manager got involved and gave me one shift. I believe the district manager made the schedule and left me out of it, and the store manager purposely ignored my requests. What should I do next? I'm afraid I'm being discriminated against because I'm plus-size and "don't fit the company image."

Nathan’s Answer

My colleagues dispense true general legal knowledge. Discrimination on the basis of weight, thus related to a class that is not protected (gender, age, race, religion) is usually non-actionable. It is best to seek other employment so that you have a heads up should this employment situation no longer work out for whatever reason. If you do not have a written agreement for employment for a term, you are an at will employee, and you can leave any time, just as employer can fire at any time. Wish you the best of luck.

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