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I won my case at OAH against LAUSD. Does School district have to pay my attorney fees and back wages?

How long do they have to appeal the verdict? Who decides whether ground for appeal are warranted by LAUSD? If the appeal to superior count is granted, and the case is tried at superior court, and I prevailed in superior court, does school district have the right to appeal the verdict in superior court? If the appeal is granted, is the case returned back to superior court?

Nathan’s Answer

Under Education Code Section 44944, a successful respondent may be entitled to attorney fees and costs. This is assuming you are a teacher, or other tenured employee who defeated a school district's attempt at termination or suspension. Education Code Section 56507(b) may also apply if you are a prevailing parent, guardian or pupil - but you mention back wages - you will need a full consultation to determine your rights to attorney fees, back wages, and ultimately any response to any appeal, if such is allowable, and pursued by the LAUSD.


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