DUI probation

DUI received right before graduation of RN school.

So my court case is over and we have plead to a 3 year probation and 3 months alcohol program for a DUI back in oct 2014 for a BAC of .15 . I was wondering what steps I should do now for my best chances for applying for my RN license. Should I wait until half my probation is over and set a motion to get probation terminated early and expunged or is there any other options? Please help.

Nathan’s Answer

This happens to more than a few prospective licensees in health, law and other fields. The BAC is high and will require a showing of rehabilitation. You will need to consult with an attorney that will assist you in terminating criminal probation early, as well as helping you set your application in the best light possible to the BRN. The passage of time will be the biggest factor in your case. It goes without saying that alcohol and driving can no longer mix in your life should you desire to be licensed.

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