DUI arrest

LVN with pending DUI what do I tell The Nursing Board

I was charged with DUI in October 2014 and I haven't been convicted yet, I was not finger printed back in October but I was order to do a book and released in December, the book and release was reported to the California Boards of Vocational Nurses and they send me a letter requesting detailed information about the incident like I say I have not been convicted yet so half of the paper work they are asking for I don't have, and I can't really disclose much information about what happen since my case still pending what should I do? I was told by 3 different lawyers that I WILL ONLY BE REQUIRED TO REPORT TO THE BOARD IF I HAD A CONVICTION why are they asking for reports if i haven't even been convicted yet please help.

Nathan’s Answer

You will only have to report a conviction if you receive a conviction. However, if you receive less than a conviction, you'll have to report precisely what happened. Even if you only receive probation or even an outright dismissal of your criminal case, the Board will want to know all bout it. You'll need to supply the facts and documents regarding the circumstances along with a personal narrative that explains your mitigating factors if any. Counsel can usually help you draft a proper response that will reduce the chances your license will have an administrative accusation filed against it.

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