DUI and driver’s license penalties

Is it possible to get LVN license after 3 misdemeanor DUI's in California?

I am a first semester LVN student who has 2 DUI's in 1999 and one in 2012. In October of 2012, I voluntarily entered a residential treatment program for 7 months and graduated. Directly upon graduation I entered into the second half of the program which is transitional housing along with outpatient/aftercare requirements (including self help mtgs. and random testing). On Oct. 11, 2014 I will have 2 yrs. sober. By the end of my stay here I will have spent 2 yrs. and 10 months in supervised recovery. By the time school is over I will have close to four years sobriety. I know how strict the BVNPT board is about proof of rehabilitation. All DUI fines and classes have been completed and paid. I will work on expungement prior to finishing school. Is there any hope for me?

Nathan’s Answer

Your tenacity at self-improvement is to be commended. As mentioned by experienced attorneys, there is a roadmap, but it will be a tough road ahead. You must continue to take the affirmative steps necessary to produce a strong record that will favor you should there be an initial denial resulting in a possible administrative hearing.

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