Domestic violence

Abuser falsely accused me of DV and obtained TRO w/ move out. He seized ALL MY PROPERTY and is discarding what he doesnt want.

Lived 5yrs w abuser. many calls to police,he was arrested/released 1x. He was jailed on F burglary&upon release, entered into temp. lease w/me. After failing to pay &other viol. was served w 3day pay or q&30 day quit. He left 5 days b/fdeadline but left prop. I sent abandoned prop. not's per ca civil code. He then false acc. Me of throwing pliers at his head by going to P station saying had been at my place. His gf&another fem. witn. On TRO he said he was still in res., on lease&paying rent-all false. I was arres./5 days in jail. He moved himslf&other 2 into my home taking control of 100% my prop. Some items he took to storage giving my father access. My safe had lock removed along w over $2000 cash&other val. Many prop broken or absent How do i answer to get it vacated&damages award?

Nathan’s Answer

Did you not show up at restraining order hearing? If you are a landlord, how did tenant obtain TRO w/ move out against you? You really need to consult with an attorney to figure out a game plan. This way of arrests, abuse and restraining orders is not going to lead to a good outcome in the long term.

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