Domestic violence

How do you handle an attorney telling you just to accept their client's domestic abuse when pro per?

I have a peaceful contact order against me. The other party is constantly violating family code 6320 for which I have asked their counsel for an open dialogue to smooth things out without resorting to restraining orders being thrown about as we have a child together. Counsel has told me to just accept it and that if I try and take the matter to court, they will seek attorney's fees against me even though I have shown them all the voicemails, call logs and emails. Would the court look at this if I filed a request to modify/terminate the order instead of restraining orders being issued against everyone?

Nathan’s Answer

It is in your best interest to seek counsel, since you are going up against an opposing side that has the benefit of counsel. Interview counsel carefully and make sure they have experience and are competent.

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