Domestic violence

How do I get a restraining order during a divorce,only verbal harrasment, not physical, constant texts and face to face

Since March 1st I've received continuous texts from my husband saying he's not paying a dime, calling me names, cussing, and threatening to take everything from me including my car. He called the police, lied and said I stole money from him and forged checks. He is constantly harrasing me and says it's a game to him that he will win. I need some kind of protection from this mental anguish he's putting me through. I tried going to court for a restraining order and they told me the judge will see me if there is physical abuse or threats pertaining to physical harm.

Nathan’s Answer

Such behavior can and should be protected against regardless of gender. Review the evidence you have with an attorney for a more specific consultation than court staff can give you.

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