Do I have an hipaa case against the nurse

Do I have an hipaa case against the nurse

was treated for a domestic violence injure. the nurse upon finding out my address and name said oh i used to live there i know just who to call. she is friends with my ex husband whom i am hiding from. she then called police on the matter even though an arrest was already made and the matter is being handled. she can and explained the police were not coming I was at fault. she then was gossiping and slandering me to the other nurses about my personal information. I feel I am now in danger because my ex husband now knows where I am and that I was treated at a hospital and where. I know am going to have to relocate again. which is very stressful.

Nathan’s Answer

A possible breach of HIPAA may be used to establish a violation of professional standards of care if such a violation exists. To what extend slander or disclosure of private facts existed will determine much of how HIPAA's violation can demonstrate breach of professional standards of care. This is a very fact intensive case and will rely on a thorough evaluation by an attorney of your chances of success.

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