Divorce mediation

What should I expect at my divorce mediation? I don't think my lawyer has preparred me enough. What do I need to know and ask?

I learned from my lawyer a few days ago, that I would be going to a mediation tomorrow! If it goes well, she said there would be no need for the trial which is suppose to take place five days later! She has had nine months to prepare...

Nathan’s Answer

Both of my colleagues are correct. Mediation is a speedy, informal, inexpensive and confidential way to resolve issues without involvement of the court. If the mediation, which may take around 4 hours, maybe more if need be, is successful, then all the work the court would decide on, will have been decided by you and the other party. Your attorney may want to see you prior to the mediation to discuss what sort of areas you are amenable to negotiate on, and which areas are hard boundaries for you. You should be at ease, since again, mediation is informal. The process should be geared toward a win-win situation for both parties. One should attempt to achieve that, and if that doesn't work, court will always be there.

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