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I was admitted to a horrid county hospital for trauma. I ended up in a shared room with a young man 1/3 my age. He kept making noise and pulling the curtain between us to see me. It was distressing and uncomfortable.

Is there a law that was broken? It seems that in the ver least, this is highly inappropriate.

Nathan’s Answer

Did you report this issue? Next time, and hopefully there isn't a next time, you may want to consider asking to move rooms, or to have that patient moved to another room. Hospitals are high traffic areas full of stress, so it is reasonable to expect that this issue comes up often. But each case is different. Did this individual commit intentional torts such as assault, battery, false imprisonment, and/or intentional infliction of emotional distress? Not particularly likely. Did they commit a crime? It is unclear since more facts would be needed. Consider that this individual may be judgment proof if they are unable to pay even if a judgment was levied against them. Also consider they may have been on drugs or mentally unstable. If there is a cause of action, the hospital may be responsible to some degree as California in the past has put the onus on hospitals to protect doctors and patients from other patients under the totality of the circumstances.

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