My attorney billed me $60,000 for one month of divorce case

is this normal. i mean they sent me bills with some explanantion which i don't understand. in the contract it says i have a 3 weeks to dispute or they withdraw money from trust account. i have no money left in there. another clause says we can go to arbitration for any disputes. i am close to my trial. i don't want to dispute so tehre wont be conflict. can the clause of 3 weeks to dispute or is fixed make an issue or can i arbitrate later? (and say that 3 weeks clause was only for withdrawing money permission?

Nathan’s Answer

No way of knowing whether this is normal without more facts. Such fees may be completely reasonable, or they may be "unconscionable" under the professional rules of conduct. Schedule an independent consultation so that another attorney may assess what is going on since you are obviously concerned about the billing explanations. Such an attorney may find your concerns unwarranted, or completely warranted - no way of knowing until you make the call.

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