My wife is threatening me to come to US and screw me here as she already filed false DV case in India. What to do?

I am from India and in CA for last 4.5 months on H1B. I am married since May 2013. My wife is in India and fileed a DV case against me there. Now she is threatening me to come to US and screw me here. I am not sure if she comes at my office/ home here and create scenes or she can file any police complaint. I am not sure how to save me here. All cases in India are false. I am not sure how CA law works if a wife comes and file a complaint against her husband without staying here with him in US. I want to file a divorce but I can't as I have not completed 6 months in CA this time but I was here in CA in 2013 for more than 8 months. Need guidance as how can I save me if she comes here and create scenes or files false complaint. and if I can file divorce here.

Nathan’s Answer

It would be wise to listen to my colleagues in regards to the various legal options you have while at the same time avoiding any contact with this individual. Is there any reason you are communicating with someone who is threatening to pursue you overseas?

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