Criminal defense

Should I consult with a criminal or administrative law attorney specifically dealing with Psychiatric Technician hearings?

I would like to save my license from being revoked. This is the second conviction I've had to report to the state board.

Nathan’s Answer

A licensing agency generally has the authority to appear in a criminal sentencing under Penal Code Section 23 to seek a suspension against a license, and to later file an accusation and seek revocation of the license. If that did not happen here because the conviction was self-reported, you should be aware that certain convictions result in immediate suspension of license. Additionally, licensing authorities have wide latitude in which to conduct investigations. You may be investigated separately by the Board of Vocational Nursing and Psychiatric Technicians, and should be prepared with an attorney BEFORE an investigator speaks with you. Alternatively, you may simply have an accusation filed against you without an investigation. Either way, it is important you speak with counsel and have a game plan moving forward in order to best protect your license. You are working against a former conviction that hopefully is not related to the second, with the second hopefully not related to psychiatric technician services or functions.

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