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How or when to change an attorney would not affect the filing, response or status of my case so, where I do not harm it?

When is it recommended not to change lawyers when we are dissatisfied with this attorney's performances handling our case? At what stage in the case would it negatively affect the ongoing case and maybe affect its outcome from missed responses during the time with the current lawyer that we want to remove? We are at where the summons has been served and the 'court call' has been arranged. We are where we are in the middle of waiting for any response back, if any, from that other party. Thanks

Nathan’s Answer

It sounds like your attorney may have filed a case, and the court call is for the case management conference or maybe an OSC. If that's the case, it's too early to really tell if an attorney is not performing well this early in the game, if the other side hasn't even responded yet. Then again, you've tagged this under criminal law so everything I just said might be completely inapplicable. There's more to this story?

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