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Do I need to disclose felony as a minor for licensing? (Physical therapy Boards) and how will it affect my licensing

I have just completed my physical therapy education and will take my state licensing exam in 3 months. I am now 30 years old. When I was 15 i was convicted of a felony and tried as an adult for a 211 (wrong place wrong time). Throughout all my background test in school it comes out negative however with livescan my records do come up. How do i approach this situation? I intend to disclose all convictions and felony. And does a juvenile record count? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

Nathan’s Answer

I will weigh in briefly only to add to the excellent answers of my colleagues that touch on post conviction relief and juvenile record interpretation. I would encourage you to sharpen your focus on rehabilitation since you mention "convictions" which may demonstrate a pattern of flouting the law. A robbery at 15 with you treated as an adult for conviction purposes is a steep hill to climb even if it was over a decade ago. It will be that much more important to paint a picture that this was an isolated episode, and if you have other issues in your background, it'll be that much more important to obtain counsel to assist you in how you approach the application. Coming here was a good step and shows you are genuinely interested in taking the time to demonstrate to the agency that you plan on contributing positively to society.

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