Criminal charges

Is it legal to have someone do your online college homework or take your online tests or quizzes

Online schooling is done normally from home and when you are tired or stuck it is easier to have a child who understands to do the work or basically earn to degree, but is there a law forbidding it. i was just wondering if it is a way around it or is getting someone to do your work straight up unlawful.

Nathan’s Answer

One in a similar circumstance should reevaluate if they have enough time to do the work, or to study enough to gain the knowledge to do the work, before putting themselves in an awkward position they know isn't "right." From a legal standpoint, you will want to look into the student handbook of whatever institution you are attending. The penalties for being found out (and it happens all the time) may result in suspension or expulsion.

If you are tired or don't understand the material, I recommend you force yourself to come up with a better plan or schedule to your day, either to study up more, or at least get more rest. It'll take around 30 days of trying out a new schedule for it to become habit and to stick. Until then, keep working on it. Nothing good comes easy or else everyone would have a degree. Also, those lazy work habits will come back to haunt you later in your work life, when you'll be forced to play catch up then. Only then, much more is at stake! Best wishes!

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